Cultivar Selection





Red Table Grapes


Jointly developed by Hoekstra Fruit Farms and the Volcani Institute in Israel.

  • Seedless
  • Pink/red
  • Early season harvest
  • Medium sized berries
  • Sweet neutral
  • Crunchy

Indulge in the juicy, sweet, and crunchy goodness of Starlight berries, which are seedless, medium-sized, and boast a gorgeous pink/red color. With an early-season harvest, they provide a fresh burst of flavour.

Starlight berries have a sweet neutral taste that makes them an excellent addition to a wide range of dishes, from salads to desserts. And with their satisfying crunch, they’re an ideal snack for any time of the day.


Bred by Phyllis Burger of the Agricultural Research Council, licensed by Culdevco (Pty) Limited.

  • Seedless
  • Red, deep crimson colour
  • Early season harvest
  • Medium-sized, bell-shaped berries
  • Crispy, crunchy, and refreshing texture
  • Impressive balance of sugar and acidity for a high level of sweetness with a slight acid tang
  • Good hanging and colouring ability with superb storage ability

Joybells are the perfect combination of flavor and functionality, with their seedless, bell-shaped berries in a stunning red, deep crimson color.

They offer a crisp, refreshing texture and an impressive balance of sugar and acidity, resulting in a high level of sweetness with a slight acid tang.

These medium-sized berries are harvested early in the season, ensuring a fresh burst of flavor. They also have good hanging and colouring ability and superb storage ability.



Developed by David Ramming and Ron Tarailo at the University of Fresno, California

  • Seedless
  • Pink to dark pink-red colour
  • Slightly elongated oval berries
  • Medium-large berries with a good level of sweetness
  • Good fruity aroma
  • Crispy with a crack when bitten
  • Late-season harvest
  • Excellent storage capability

These seedless berries are a perfect addition to any fruit basket or recipe.

With their vibrant pink to dark pink-red color, they are a feast for the eyes and provide a delicious burst of sweetness with every bite.

The combination of their texture, sweetness, and aroma makes them an excellent choice for anyone who loves to indulge in fresh fruit.

Plus, their late-season ripening and exceptional storage capability make them a practical choice for anyone looking to extend their berry enjoyment well beyond the summer months.


Bred by Sun World International in Wesco, Kern County, California

  • Seedless
  • Red to dark red colour
  • Late-season harvest
  • Large, elongated berries
  • Sweet taste with minimal acid tang for a perfectly balanced flavour
  • Crispy flesh texture
  • Good storage potential

Scarlotta Seedless was created by David W. Cain at Sun World International’s breeding facility in Wesco, Kern County, California.

This exceptional berry offers a unique combination of flavour and functionality, making it a perfect addition to any meal or snack.

New variety coming soon!

Mountain Pearl

A premium cultivar developed by the Volcani Agricultural Research Organisation in Israel

  • Seedless
  • Red color
  • Mid-late season harvest
  • Medium-sized berries
  • Sweet neutral taste for a perfectly balanced flavour
  • Very firm and crisp oval-shaped berries for a refreshing crunch
  • Planting available in 2023

Introducing Mountain Pearl, a highly anticipated new addition to the world of premium cultivars!

This cultivar cultivar features a striking red color and medium-sized berries that offer a sweet and neutral taste, creating a perfectly balanced flavor profile. The berries are also oval-shaped, very firm, and crisp, providing a satisfying crunch with every bite.

With a mid-late season harvest and good storage potential, Mountain Pearl promises to be a valuable addition to any berry lover’s collection, so be sure to keep an eye out for this delicious new variety.

Black Table Grapes


Dan Ben Hannah

Son of Hannah” grapes, developed by Dr. Hochberg in Israel

  • Seeded grapes with a rich, red-black colour
  • Medium-sized, oval to round-shaped berries
  • Sweet neutral taste
  • Resilient grapes that are perfect for shipping and long-term storage

Dan Ben Hannah is a variety of table grapes that was produced by Dr Hochberg in Israel. As a tribute to his wife, he named the grapes “Son of Hannah”.

This particular selection is a seeded grape that has a red-black color and medium-sized oval to round-shaped berries. The grapes have a sweet neutral taste and are known for their resilience.

White Table Grapes

Autumn Crisp

Bred by Michael Striem at Sun World International, LLC, California.

  • Seedless
  • Milky pale green-yellow skin
  • Large, round berries
  • Late-season
  • Crispy
  • Sweet and crisp-juicy
  • Subtle Muscat aroma
  • Unnoticeable skin when chewing
  • Excellent storage potential

Autumn Crisp is a newly planted seedless grape variety with large, round, crispy and sweet berries. 

It has a late-season harvest and offers a crispy texture with a sweet and juicy taste, along with a subtle Muscat aroma.


Development Stages of Grapevines


Bud break

As temperatures begin to warm up in the spring, the grapevine will begin to come out of dormancy and buds will start to swell and burst open.


Shoot growth

Once buds have broken, the vine will begin to grow new shoots. These shoots will eventually produce leaves and clusters of grapes.



In late spring or early summer, the grapevine will produce flowers. These flowers will eventually become the grapes themselves.


Fruit set

After the flowers are fertilized, the grapevine will begin to form the grape clusters. This is the period of fruit set



As the summer progresses, the grapes will begin to change color and soften. This is known as veraison.



During the late summer and early fall, the grapes will continue to ripen and reach their full flavor and sugar content.